I fight AGAINST affirmative action, my opponent celebrates DEI

Hiring should be based on merit. Woke Washington tries to force leftist ideas onto us. But I am FIGHTING to keep diversity, equity and inclusion OUT of our schools, businesses and military—and Congress.

Meanwhile, my opponent proudly supports a permanent office for these leftist ideas in Congress. You can listen to his blatant statements here:

The video went viral over the weekend as voters (and other elected officials) spoke out against these woke DEI statements from my opponent. FOX News ran the story – check it out here.

The Supreme Court has said affirmative action is wrong. If it is wrong for our schools, why is it right for Congress? The hypocrisy of the woke left knows no bounds, but we have known that for sometime. It is time to send someone to DC from the Fourth who will deliver on his promises. 

If elected, on day one I will file a bill to fully defund all DEI offices in any federally funded taxpayer entity.

You can trust my track record. In the South Carolina State House I have fought against these woke, anti-American agendas again and again and we have WON. My fellow South Carolina Freedom Caucus members and I fought SC House leadership to remove DEI from all public entities. Just like how we fought that battle, I promise to take the fight to Congress.

Our values matter. And as your representative in Washington, if elected, I will stand for them and will not kowtow like my opponent.

Stand for Values. Stand with Adam Morgan for Congress!

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