Adam Morgan has pledged to fight to defund DEI if elected to Congress!

Over the past several days, we have witnessed a disturbing demonstration displaying exactly how divisive, dangerous, and ineffective Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offices and their woke perpetrators have become.

During a Congressional Committee hearing, the Presidents of Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology refused to qualify campus-led calls for acts of violence to be committed against Jews as violations of their codes of conduct.

The hypocrisy of the woke left knows no bounds, but we have known that for sometime – now it’s time to send someone to DC from the 4th who will deliver on his promises. That’s why if elected, on day one I will file a bill to fully defund all DEI offices in any federally funded taxpayer entity.

The House Freedom Caucus in DC has led the way in challenging the swamp on the DEI issue, yet moderate “Republicans” and liberal Democrats have fought them at every turn. Our next Congressman should be at the forefront of the fight to rid our public institutions of the government subsidized indoctrination that currently exists. We need to fight these extreme leftist initiatives and remove DEI from our federally funded entities – including our military.

You don’t have to just take me at my word – look at my track record in the South Carolina House. Fighting to defund DEI is no new fight for me. This session, I and the South Carolina Freedom Caucus filed over 100 amendments and budget provisos to strip our state of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Because of our fight, we earned concessions from House Leadership to pass a bill in 2024 to finally excise DEI from South Carolina public entities.

If elected to Congress, I pledge to fight the same way as I have in the South Carolina House in the DC swamp to accomplish similar wins!

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