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Meet Adam Morgan for Congress.

Adam is a businessman, author, composer, public speaker, and licensed attorney. Adam received his B.A. from Bob Jones University in 2011 and his Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 2015.  

Several years ago, Adam set aside a career as an attorney to help his in-laws, Ron and Shelly Hamilton, with their family business, Majesty Music, Inc. (Majesty Music is a Christian music and book publishing company, music school, and recording studio in Greenville. Majesty Music produces the Patch the Pirate audio series. Patch the Pirate is the 3rd largest religious children’s radio broadcast in the United States).

Adam Morgan for Congress

In 2018, Adam was elected to the SC House of Representatives as one of the youngest members of the Legislature. Adam has used his business acumen, along with his knowledge of the intricacies of the law, to bring conservative change to Columbia.  

Then, in 2021, Adam Morgan, along with fellow conservative SC House Representatives, founded the SC Freedom Caucus which actively fights for conservative values in legislation. Adam is a conservative champion, and is recognized across the nation with awards such as the Taxpayer Hero Award from Club for Growth, the Conservative Achievement Award from ACU/CPAC and the Conservative Excellence Award from ACU/CPAC. 

Legislative Wins:

  • Shut down an MUSC pediatric transgender clinic
  • Removed CRT curriculum from multiple SC school districts
  • Championed pro-life legislation
  • Pushed for on-the-record voting for judicial appointments
  • Founded the SC Freedom Caucus
  • Led the fight to reduce government spending and rid our public institutions of DEI
  • Sued and overturned crony ethics laws that targeted conservatives – and won
  • Steered transportation reforms to allow more roads to be fixed more efficiently
  • Passed amendments to prohibit legislators from profiting off legislation
  • Protected against euthanasia in SC
  • Sued Greenville County Council for breaking state law and county ordinances as they hiked property taxes
  • Served on Legislative Oversight and exposed state agencies that were targeting and harassing SC industries and put a stop to those practices.
  • Exposed $155 million in mismanaged funds in a state agency
  • Secured budget transparency and now receive full list of earmarks
  • Helped pass Save Women’s Sports, Transparency in Education and prohibition on vaccine mandates

Adam and his wife Megan reside in the Taylors community, District 20, with their three young children – Ella Marie (6), Hamilton Michael (4), and Harrison Cato (9 weeks). Outside of politics, Adam serves as a deacon at Morningside Baptist Church, and also serves on the Board of Directors of Open Door Baptist Missions.

Mailing Address:

Morgan for Congress

PO Box 4561

Greenville, SC 29608


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