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The Issues

Learn about the issues Adam Morgan will fight for as our next Congressman for South Carolina District 4.

“People know my record in South Carolina. I’m frank, I will fight the left, and I will even stand up to members in my own party to actually effect change. We need that in Washington…you need people who will jump in the ring and recognize it’s a battle and will fight for every inch. Because ultimately, if we’re going to preserve this nation, we’re the ones that have to keep it in our time.” 

Secure Our Border

A country is only as strong as its border, and our border is wide open. While millions of illegal immigrants come across our border, many of whom are transporting deadly quantities of fentanyl, Congress is spending billions of dollars on foreign wars at the expense of the American people. If elected, I will work to cut funding from unessential government agencies and projects and move the money to fully fund border security and to build the wall! Our law enforcement tasked with protecting our border should be receiving the best training and equipment possible for the purpose of protecting American soil. Additionally, we can no longer offer amnesty to any illegal immigrants. With inflation and crime at all time highs, we must prioritize American citizens before illegal immigrants or foreign wars.

Get Tough on China

China and its tyrannical communist leaders are an existential threat to the American dream. If elected, I would push to pass federal law to prohibit the CCP and any of its subsidiary companies from purchasing farm land in America. We also must get tough on the dangerous Confucius Institutes teaching anti-American, pro-communist propaganda on our publicly-funded college campuses. Any University receiving taxpayer money should not be allowed to support these groups on their campuses.

Reduce Spending

The issue is simple. We are $30 trillion dollars in debt and both parties have allowed it. During my time in the SC House, I offered alternative budgets to cut spending and reduce pork. In Congress, I will work to cut government agencies and departments as well as special pet projects. I will support and author a bill to increase earmark transparency to limit the pet projects your taxpayer dollars are permitted to fund. I will vote against any crony capitalist deals that give your tax dollars to massive corporations.

We also must completely defund all Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Offices that are funded with taxpayer dollars. 

I will author a bill to authorize a comprehensive review of the Department of Defense to ensure we are spending our money appropriately to increase lethality rather than push woke nonsense on our brave men and women in uniform. 

I will also sponsor a bill to create a cause of action against IRS agents for any American citizens targeted for their political beliefs.

Healthcare/Medical Freedom

Costs for good healthcare and necessary prescriptions are too high, especially coupled with the rising rate of inflation. If elected, I will push for increased transparency for Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) to help lower costs for prescriptions. Congress must inject free market principles into the healthcare market to lower costs and improve services. As policymakers, we need to place an increased emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship. 

I will propose a bill to ensure any future vaccine requirements must go through Congress, rather than through Executive Order. 

Unleash American Energy

Reduce regulations on the energy market and unleash the free market in the energy sector. The government should not pick winners and losers in the energy sector but should instead allow the consumer to choose the most effective and financially efficient option for them. 

Currently, the Biden Administration is cutting leases for oil companies in an attempt to stifle oil production. With prices at the gas pump so high, the last thing we need to do is hinder oil producers. Make no mistake: the Biden Administration has declared war on American energy. We must expand leasing opportunities and make it easier for energy producers to operate in order to lower gas prices and to strengthen our energy grid for the future. 


Parents should have the ultimate say in their child’s education. The Department of Education has run wild with unfettered power and has been pushing woke nonsense on our next generation while lagging behind on teaching our children necessary skills like reading, writing and math. Government bureaucracies are the last thing I trust to adequately educate my children. It’s time to abolish the Department of Education and use the funds that will be available from the cut to fully fund school choice across the country. 

The Family

Even in South Carolina we have taxpayer funded institutions offering gender reassignment treatment to minors, some as young as four years old. Children should not be allowed to or be encouraged to pursue life altering treatments like gender reassignment procedures. 

Parent’s rights have been trampled by the government for years. We must pass legislation to enshrine into law the rights parents possess over their child’s healthcare, education, and upbringing.

I am proudly pro-life and support life from conception.


Congressional offices should be subject to annual audits to ensure they are spending tax dollars appropriately. Also, we need to increase penalties for any office that has used taxpayer dollars allocated for the purpose of official activities on unofficial travel, meals, etc.

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Today is the day the Fourth Congressional District selects the Republican nominee for Congress.



Today is the day the Fourth Congressional District selects the Republican nominee for Congress.


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