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Timmons Votes to Give Money to Illegal Immigrants

The hypocrisy is staggering. William Timmons went to the border for a photo op and the very same week, he flew to Washington, DC to vote to give funds to illegal immigrants. Voters can see through his feigned care about protecting the borders.

We don’t need a photo op. We need protected borders and strong immigration policy. As your next Congressman for the 4th District, I will put my vote where my mouth is and fight to secure our border AND protect your taxpayer dollars.

See the vote here.

Read The Heritage Foundation explanation on the bill by clicking here.

Adam and Fellow SC Freedom Caucus Members Join Trump Team at Border Protection Press Conference

Last week, I stood with the Trump Team and fellow SC Freedom Caucus members at a press conference to secure our southern border. SCFC member, Stewart Jones gave a gripping speech about the loss of his 4 year old goddaughter. It was a solemn moment as we were reminded of the devastating danger our open border presents.

She was killed by the reckless driving of an illegal immigrant. All states are now border states, and we need a President who will put the safety of Americans first.

Donate to my campaign to help me fight for border protection in Washington!

Adam at Trump Team Press Conference

Adam Morgan On The Tara Show: Protect SC Children

I joined Tara Servatius this past week to discuss the SC House passing H3424 – the Online Childhood Safety Act which will protect minors by requiring age-verification for pornographic sites.

Shockingly, during the House floor debate, a radical Democrat stood to argue that this bill needed a waiver for parents to allow their minor child to access porn. He was the lone vote against the bill.

We discussed the insanity of the Left and how we must fight hard against forces bent on stealing our children’s innocence.

Click here to listen.

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