Government Spending is Out of Control

The United States is $34 trillion in debt. $34 Trillion. This amount of debt requires innovative thinking and collaboration to solve.

The first step: abolish unnecessary bureaucratic government agencies, like the Department of Education, lower the federal income tax so middle-class families can sink their hard-earned dollars back into the economy, eliminate our earmark system that allows crony politicians to use tax dollars to benefit their wealthy friends and family, and fight against corporate welfare given to woke corporations who don’t reflect our values.

Spending isn’t exclusively a Washington problem.

It’s also a problem in South Carolina. In 2023, the South Carolina General Assembly passed the largest budget in state history. The budget grew by a staggering 13.1% since 2022. In this budget, over $700 million was spent on non-core government functions.

For example, $300,000 went to fund a food and wine festival in Charleston where public drag shows are regularly held; while another $500,000 went to a horse race in Camden. Any time government spending increases, the government grows. I voted against this massive and unnecessary increase in government spending.

Additionally, the South Carolina General Assembly doled out $1.3 billion in tax subsidies to a woke foreign company which is a subsidiary of VW called Scout Motors. Scout Motors’ plans on using all this tax money to produce off-road electric vehicles. Again, I publicly opposed this crony capitalist project. The government should not intervene in the free market and should instead lower costs for individuals and businesses by robustly reforming our tax code.

While I fought tooth and nail against the lobbyists and moderate Republicans in the South Carolina Statehouse on this issue, my opponent was joining with a liberal Democrat from Maine to sponsor legislation which would advance Joe Biden’s Green New Deal Climate change agenda. To make matters worse, the legislation he sponsored to advance this climate hoax would be at taxpayer expense.

When it comes to spending, the fundamental difference between my opponent and myself is that I understand the value of a dollar because I have worked to support my family, grow our business, and am more familiar with signing the front of paycheck rather than the back.

As your next Congressman, I will bring fiscal restraint, innovative thinking, and the necessary boldness to get our country out of debt and the American people back on the path to prosperity. I understand that it’s your money–and I will fight to protect it from those who want to frivolously waste your hard-earned money.

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