Top Priorities for 2024 Legislation

Friend & fellow conservative,

It has been very busy the last couple months beginning my run for Congress. But we have work to do right here in South Carolina. I have the opportunity to return to Columbia next week to continue to advocate for our conservative values at the state level.

This session will be one of the most important sessions South Carolina has had in years. As a friend and fellow conservative, I wanted to share with you the issues I am fighting specifically for us this year:

1) Protect Our Kids

I will continue to fight this session to ensure we remove woke indoctrination from our schools, support parental rights, expand to true school choice, prohibit tax dollars from going to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion offices, and prohibit minors from receiving gender-altering surgeries, therapy, or medications.

2) Increase Transparency

I have and will continue to advocate for robust judicial reform, earmark transparency, prohibiting lawmakers from profiting off the legislation we pass, and term limiting committee chair positions.

3) Support Our First Responders and Department of Social Services

Last year, the “republican” caucus and democrats increased the size of government by 13.6%. They gave $1.4 billion in tax dollars to a foreign company that produces electric vehicles. And they spent over $700 million on pork projects – all while our law enforcement was underfunded and our DSS did not have enough beds for kids in the foster care system. I will continue to fight against these big-government budget tactics and stand with The South Carolina Freedom Caucus to support our law enforcement.

4) Reduce Taxes

As pork budgets increase, the taxpayer is paying the price. This is unacceptable in South Carolina. I will continue to work with conservatives in the legislature to find ways to reduce taxes and continue to fight for budget accountability.

These issues matter – not just in the SC House – but also in Washington.

We have accomplished much in the South Carolina Freedom Caucus for our state and we should be proud of the work we have done together as conservatives.

We need a true conservative fighter running for SC’s 4th Congressional District. Together, we will achieve conservative wins this year. I will continue to fight in Columbia for our values.

Through my efforts this year, I will work to earn your vote as your next Congressman in Spartanburg and Greenville!

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