Spartanburg & Greenville Conservative SC House Delegation Members Announce Support

for Adam Morgan

Huge news! Conservative members of the South Carolina House from Greenville and Spartanburg have endorsed a true conservative for Congress and are supporting my bid for the 4th District Congressional seat!

I want to personally thank Representatives Josiah Magnuson (Spartanburg), Ashley Trantham (Greenville), Alan Morgan (Greenville), Bill Chumley (Greenville/Spartanburg), Thomas Beech (Greenville, Anderson & Pickins) and Rob Harris (Spartanburg) for believing in me and supporting my candidacy. They all have been at the tip of the spear, fighting for our conservative values in Columbia- even when it has been difficult, and they know that I will fight as fearlessly as I have in Columbia once I get to the swamp in DC.

These brave public servants know what’s at stake: our country is at a crossroads, and the time for timid and absent elected officials is over. We need present, bold, courageous leaders who will fearlessly, loudly, and consistently advocate for our conservative values. I will provide the leadership and courage voters from the 4th expect from their Congressman.


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