GREENVILLE, S.C. (March 25, 2024) – State Representative and Fourth Congressional District Candidate Adam Morgan today called on his opponent to stop the use of taxpayer funds for campaign advertisements.

“Taxpayers continue to see taxpayer-funded billboards, social media ads and postcards from my opponent,” said Morgan. “With a $34 trillion national debt, my opponent should stop using taxpayer funds to push his failing congressional campaign. He has spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in thinly disguised

informational mailers, social media ads, digital billboards, and radio ads to influence the outcome of an election. This is wrong.”

The Post and Courier published an article on March 14, 2024, detailing Congressman Timmons’ prolific use of taxpayer funds for digital billboards and mail.

“As families across the district pay income taxes on April 15, it’s ludicrous that a multi-millionaire like my opponent uses funds of hardworking South Carolinians to advance his failing campaign rather than raising money himself,” said Morgan.

“I will not use taxpayer funds for billboards or radio ads and will sponsor a bill to ban their use during an election year. Additionally, district wide mailers or social media ads can be effective communication methods; however, the current 60-day blackout period only protects an incumbent. I am committed to protecting taxpayers and not my re-election. District wide mailers and social media ads should be purely informational and have a 120-day blackout period,” concluded Morgan.

The Republican primary will be held on Tuesday, June 11.


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