Big Wins for Conservatives

Fellow conservatives,

Last week we were back in Columbia for the first legislative session of 2024. It was an exciting week! As you may know, SC House leadership attempted to ram through a crony rules change that would effectively prohibit conservatives from putting up amendments on certain bills. This is crucial in light of how Columbia operates.


Truly conservative bills rarely make it out of committee and to the floor. Therefore, conservative amendments are essential to strengthen many important bills. As our Founding Fathers intended, amendments and public debate are critical aspects of our legislative process. They should not be discouraged or restricted.


Thankfully, we were able to spread the word about the proposed rule change. Concerned citizens from across the state made thousands of calls to their representatives, and on Thursday, when the rules package was expected to come to the floor for a vote, House leadership decided to send it back to the drawing board. This was a huge win for the conservative movement in South Carolina, but the work is not done. Grassroots leaders and conservative voters across the state must remain engaged on this issue. You can fully expect us, the SCFC members, to continue to lead the fight against these crony rule changes.


In other positive news, the Help Not Harm bill which would prohibit pediatric transgender transitioning services in South Carolina has moved through the Medical, Municipal, and Military Committee. Five SCFC members sit on the committee. Potentially, the bill will come to the House floor for a vote this coming week. This would be a huge win for children in South Carolina, and it has been a legislative agenda item for the Freedom Caucus since we launched. In fact, SCFC member, Stewart Jones, filed a similar bill last year, but it was never given a hearing.


Thankfully, SCFC members have kept up the pressure on House leadership to move this desperately needed legislation, and now we have a real chance to preserve the innocence of our children.


Last week was incredibly energizing and reminded me exactly why I am running for Congress. A small group of conservatives led boldly and loudly on issues that mattered to their constituents and were able to win against the establishment.


My goal is to take the conservative leadership that I have exemplified in the SC State House to the DC swamp. However, I will need your help. My opponent is bankrolled by special interest and lobbyist groups. My focus is on strong grassroots support from SC Conservatives who know that I represent their interests–not those of dark money special interest groups.


Let’s upset the Establishment. Join me by contributing to my campaign today. The max amount a single individual can give to my campaign is $3,300 but anything you can give will help!


Stay tuned for more updates as the legislative session continues!

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