GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 16, 2024) – State Representative and Republican congressional candidate Adam Morgan released the following statement regarding his opponent’s attacks: “It’s interesting that my opponent attacks my attendance record at the South Carolina State House when I’ve participated in over 3,600 votes. I have one of the best attendance records in the State House and have only been absent ten days in my six years of service due to business trips, sickness, or death of extended family members. Meanwhile, my opponent was the 15 th most absent Member of Congress in 2019-2020 and despite arguing against proxy voting, Timmons voted 62 times by proxy ranking him 25th out of 215 Republicans who used proxy voting the most in 2021.  

Voting is only a part of what one does—and I’ve taken it seriously in Columbia and will take it seriously in Washington, D.C. You elect me to cast a vote—and I will do that. Unlike my opponent, I won’t allow some random congressman who’s not even from South Carolina cast my vote.

This election should be about issues that matter to South Carolinians—and that’s what I’m fighting for in this campaign. I look forward to debating my opponent soon and call on him to accept the invitations from WORD Radio, FOX Carolina and WYFF immediately.”

Today is Adam's 35th Birthday

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