My opponent, Congressman William Timmons, has been using tax dollars for campaigning purposes since I announced my candidacy to challenge him in November of 2023. He’s doing this by using tax dollars former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, approved for informational purposes and to assist with constituent services. 

Mr. Timmons has used tax dollars to pay for direct mail pieces, radio ads, billboards, and digital ads all of which have been overtly political in nature and not purely educational. With rising inflation due to out-of-control spending, the last thing our Congressman should be doing is using your hard-earned money to prop up his failing campaign to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, in a district that doesn’t even have two full counties, there is no excuse to justify spending these dollars. Perhaps he should prioritize spending more time in district to help inform constituents.

I have pledged to file a bill on day one that will prohibit these dollars from being spent during an election year. Sign the petition below and tell Congressman Timmons to STOP spending your money on his own campaign.

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